Post 3 from my old blog - building hand made turnouts:

Here is a picture of my third effort. Still not too bad but realistically not much better than the first:


The soldering is a bit better but I goofed a bit here. Trying to improve my soldering I used some flux but since I didn’t have any electrical type flux on hand I used some Bakers Flux instead. This ‘worked’ but it is strongly acid and would probably corrode the joints after a while. I went out to an electronics store and got a flux pen for my next efforts.

This turnout took at least 4 hours to make, which is still way too long. Hopefully with a bit of practice I can get it down to under 2.

Turnout 2 was a disaster. I tried to rush it way too much and stuffed up completely. I ended up using it to practice cutting electrical isolation gaps in the rails with my Dremel tool.