I’ve added the software that I have been developing to the downloads page. The zip file contains a simple Arduino sketch to send a DCC signal to a booster, a very simple ‘booster tester’ that just flips the port connected to the booster every 5 seconds (basically a modified ‘blink’ sketch) so that you can measure the booster output with a multimeter, and a very early version of my MacDCC Command Station.

The MacDCC Command Station requires 0SX 10.7+ and works on Mavericks and later. The software is ALPHA quality so will have many bugs. I’ve only tested it using a Bachmann Spectrum N Scale GE 44-Ton Switcher and it works, sort of. The Emergency Stop and Broadcast Emergency Stop don’t seem to be recognised, and for some reason the Switcher will ‘work’ on 14, 28 and 128 speed step modes even though the decoder instructions say 28 speed step only. I also had to experiment to find which function switched on the headlight. The decoder instructions say function button 10 (F10) on the E-Z Command system so I assumed that would be auxiliary function 10 in the DCC standard, but no, it’s FL in Function Group 1 (Extended Packet Formats For Digital Command Control, All Scales RP 9.2.1 – line 240). Got to love standards!